The World-Famous

13' 4" (406 cm) long, 6' 6" (198 cm) wide and 6' 3" (191 cm) headroom. Supreme comfort for two, elegant appearance with bay window at rear as well as front, plenty of space and maximum mobility: the Sable is firmly established as the answer to all these requirements.   

The layout is shown on the floor plan and key, demonstrating clearly a wealth of working surfaces and storage cupboards. Kitchen end has been designed to take advantage of extra space provided by bay window. Provision is now made for fitting a refrigerator. Two chests of drawers, ventilated cupboard for food, three other lockers for stowage. Detachable rubbish bin. Compartment behind will hold either one water carrier and one cylinder, or two carriers or two cylinders. The flexible lead from the foot pump is led into this compartment ready to go into the water carriers which stow in here. Cutlery and cosmetics drawers. Fitted crockery and cocktail cabinet. Point for gas fire.  


Shipping Specifications

Ex works weight 648kg


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