The Graceful

Our latest model is a four berth 15' 0" (457 cm) long, 6' 6" (198 cm) wide and 6' 3" (191 cm) headroom. Similar in appearance to the Nyala and Puku, this model has four single beds, the fourth being a bunk. A conversion is also available so that the front single beds can be used as a double bed if desired, (this gives you a double bed 4' 4" wide). Despite including four single beds in the layout, none of the beds are skimped. As on all Cheltenham models, one bed is 6' 2" long, the other single beds are full length and a good width.

The Kitchen is compact and practical, with crockery storage locker running the full length above the Kitchen. The separate cupboard under the rear window is capable of taking a refrigerator if required. In the front end you have the unique Cheltenham chest of drawers and table unit; well proven and popular as used on the Sable, etc.

Even with the front beds made up as a double, there is ample floor space and complete freedom to use the offside rear door.

As on the Nyala, a curtain is provided to partition off the rear single bed and bunk.

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