The Spacious

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The spacious PUKU is offered as a two or four berth, the former our most luxurious two berth, 15'0" (457 cm) long, 6'6" (198 cm) wide and 6'3" (191 cm) headroom, all of the pleasing and practical features of the Sable are included, and there is added wardrobe accommodation, a built-in flued gas convector heater, and a shower compartment with roomy and extensive washing facilities.
The washroom is recess is a self coloured G.R.P. unit - like the lavatory compartment, with curved corners to afford a hygienic unit. There is additional storage, working and floor space compared with the Sable.   

PUKU 4 Berth

The layout of the front end is similar to the Sable. In the centre, to the rear of the door on the nearside, is a settee type double bed, with kitchen across the rear end. A gas fire is fitted on the front of the compactum. Suspension (as Springbok) but with lighter springs and 6.40 x 13 tyres.     

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