The Elegant

Similar in size and appearance to the Puku 2, it has an entirely different layout, with ample working surface and cupboard accommodation. In the front you have a dinette bed, 6' 3- x 4' 2" consisting of 5" polyurethane mattresses on perforated bases.  

The van can be divided either by a fitted curtain across the centre, or the track can be put round the single beds so that when the children are asleep all facilities of the van are just as, available at night as in the day-time.

Bay windows both ends as on all models, except Fawn.

A foot pump is fitted for the wash basin to draw water from a portable container situated inside or outside as desired. This is a feature of all our models. Fitted handy to the wash-bowl is a rubbish disposal unit. 

Standard model includes gas and electric lights; gas griller; regulator, etc.  



A Double bed dinette D Sink and draining board - CD and D1 form sideboard unit with lockers, drawers, water storage, room for refrigerator G Chest of drawers - roof locker above GH
A1 Table - also forming double bed A A A1 D1 Cooker hotplate - room for B600 H Single bed. Bunk bed above, permanently hinged. Curtain on rail around H 
B Boot locker E Wall cupboard - roof locker extending from E to above C, D1 and D J Wardrobe
C Cupboard F Toilet GRP. Fixed vents end and side 

Shipping Specifications: 
Ex-works weight: 14


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