Wanted- We are looking for a spare wheel (5 stud) for our 1970 Cheltenham Fawn. If anyone knows where we could buy one, please send an email to:   

Wanted- Original or vintage type cooker with hob, grill and oven such as Flavel B600/700 or Flavel Vanessa in working good condition. Preferably white. Contact details for both are tel: 07988 529782 

Wanted - Cheltenham Fawn Caravan. Ideally usable but any condition considered. Contact details are tel: 07988 529782 

WANTED Sable or Fawn,  Please contact   Ronnie Mather, Near Wigan, WN5 7PA     Tel: 01744 893351       Email:

WANTED 50's or Early 60's Cheltenham Caravan, anything considered, distance no object. Please contact Tony Parks Tel: 07973411771 or evenings tel: 01582 737248

Wanted - We are looking for a larger van (Springbok), with a shower, (to replace the Oribi we had). Please contact Jan and Robin Cross, email  

Wanted - two folding steps (for PUKU2) and glazed window.   email: Chuck  or tel: 01747 811625 (Dorset)

Wanted - Spares needed:  Complete Side Window (Not door side), Hitch Cover, Any interior fittings, Rear Back Light, Number Plate Light, Jockey Wheel. if you can help please contact  Mike & Lou Winstanley  Tel 01942 215 459 email:

Wanted - Full awning to fit Cheltenham Sable. Based in Surrey but willing to travel to collect. Please contact Claire Duffy email:  or call 07824442767

Wanted - We are trying to source some original warm-grey (ish) coloured, plastic cupboard handles for a 1970 Cheltenham Sable. email: Neil and Kate Talbot

Wanted - A  couple of the wooden cupboard door handles in good condition with the early cross hatched formica facing.  Contact John. Marsland

Wanted - One chrome hubcap and original aluminium (slotted) Wheel trim for 13" wheel (1974 year);

Top heat shield for gas light;
Complete dinette/pull-out bed assembly, side table and cushions for Springbok (1974);
Door handle/lock and key.
Please call 01603 8810739 or 01603 810739 James Utting

Wanted Fawn Caravan in good condition, downsizing from a Puku, see sale page. Mr & Mrs Davis, Dorset, Tel: 01258458749

Wanted Cheltenham caravan. Any model considered, but preferably a fawn. Not bothered by rot or damp looking for a winter project. I'm located in Worcestershire but will travel. Please email or call James on 07971879249

New members Nick and Anne Wynne-Morgan  need the following parts/ advice on alternatives (there WILL be more once I have had a chance to strip the van down!)

1. A pair of 13" wheels (one to match the existing 13" wheel (with studs for hub caps) and one as a spare - my van came with one 14" and one 13" wheel!
2. Reference for the Waterbuck roof light rubber (presumably can be sourced via COH Baines in Kent.
3. Reference for the door rubber on a 1966 Waterbuck (glazed door)
4. Waterbuck badge
5. Source of 'oak' plywood (3mm or 4mm) for internal fitting out.
6. Roof light itself (the fibreglass is currently stained with brown patches) or advice on whether it can be rejuvinated in some way or simply painted white and still allow light into the van.
7. Door Lock
8. Suggestions for floor covering/insulation. My van has a good wooden plank floor but daylight or road surface can be seen through the cracks and in winter it might be a jot cold. (Would like to keep the 'look' of the boards inside, ideally).
9. A good source of chroming the handles OR a pair of new handles.
10. Solution for waterproofing the beading around the door glazing. Indeed one length is actually missing.
If I can get some answers to the above, we can at least start the renovation and get it to the point where we can use it for weekends before the end of summer. Email

Wanted wooden draw/cupboard handles faced with formica.  If anyone has one for sale, my email address is or telephone me on 07570 511 599.  Thank you.  Mr Neal Deakins.

Wanted Cast metal owners club badges. Very good price paid. contact John Marsland  

Urgent wanted  a new spare wheel for a PUKU and long stainless side trim. Please contact Richard Simmons tel:01460 52864 or email :

Wanted  five stud wheel to carry as a spare for my  1970 Cheltenham Nyala Contact Spencer email:

Wanted Fawn caravan for restoration. Please contact Eric or Jane tel: 0161 799 5355 or email:

 Springbok wanted: Can you help? We are looking to upgrade our 1974 Sable with a Springbok in good, sound condition- some renovation/refurbishment or re-painting not objected to- distance no object!  Please call James on Norwich (01603) 810739.

Wanted a full rear light assembly for a super sable. Please email Jon Howard

Wanted - Full and Porch Awnings for 1971 Nyala.  Email

Wanted For Sable rear stable door, 2 parts, glazed top. Contact Ian Selvey-Willars tel: 01872 865786

Wanted  Waterbuck front centre opening window  (believed to be the same as the Sable?)  Email: or Phone 01765 608455.


We have a '69 Fawn currently undergoing some D-I-Y restoration work.  but both Cheltenham badges (front & rear) are missing. Can anyone suggest a source for replacements? Thanks. Graham Spencer (West Midlands) email:

Pair of good aluminium hub caps of 9" diameter early 1970's pattern
Alan Grimley, Tamworth, Staffs Tel:07802 330227