1.   The Club shall be called “The Cheltenham Owners’ Club”.


2.  The aims and objects of the club shall be:-

(a)        to hold an annual rally to be known as ‘Cheltenham Weekend’ at the end of May/beginning of June and such other rallies and social functions as the members may determine; thereby

(b)        to enable the owners of Cheltenham caravans to meet and get to know one another so they may exchange ideas and experiences

(c)        to encourage pride of ownership 

(d)        to encourage the highest standard of touring caravanning 

(e)        to observe the Caravan Code.

(f)         to issue a Newsletter to all members



Full membership shall be open only to owners, spouses or partners owning caravans manufactured by the Cheltenham Caravan Company or Cheltenhams made by the Fernden Caravan Company or by Stevens & West of Cirencester.

Upon an existing full member ceasing to own a Cheltenham, the class of membership shall revert to Associate.

If any club member resigns or dies, no part of the annual subscription shall be refunded.



Associate membership will continue to be available if full members cease to own a Cheltenham caravan, but own another make of caravan, motorhome or trailer tent.

Only full members bringing Cheltenham caravans will be entitled to pitch at the Cheltenham Weekend, Northern Rally sites and any event on behalf of the Cheltenham Owners Club.

 Such members may continue to display the Club’s insignia and they, and their spouses or partners, shall be entitled to attend social functions arranged for members. They shall receive the Newsletter and all other literature distributed to full members, but they may not vote at the meetings of the Club. 


5. Full and associate members shall pay such annual subscription as shall be fixed by the members, on the advice of the Treasurer, at the Annual General Meeting. 


6.  The Management Committee shall have the absolute right to refuse membership to any applicant without being required to give any reason for such action. 



By making an application for membership the person concerned is deemed to have given his or her consent to the ‘processing’ of the information given in their application for membership (i.e. their Personal Data) in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998, unless they indicate on the appropriate part of the form.   The Club is exempt from the notification regulations required by the Act. 

Such personal data will not be disclosed in respect of any member who has not given specific permission for such disclosure, in writing on the membership application form, to the Secretary (with the exception of computer maintenance organisations and only when this is necessary in order to repair the equipment or the computer programmes). 



The Officers of the Club shall be:-

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer,  Newsletter Editor.

These officers shall be elected from the full members of the Club and shall retire annually at the Annual General Meeting.   Such retiring officers may be re-elected except that the Chairman and the Vice Chairman shall not hold such offices for more than two consecutive years.


9. The members may, at their discretion, elect a member to be an Honorary Member in recognition of having given, over the years, outstanding service to the Club.



The Club shall be managed by a Committee, ‘The Management Committee’ consisting of:

 The Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor and six other full members - three of such members shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting to serve for a period of two years and shall not be eligible for re-election to the same office for a period of one year following their term of office.


11. Nominations for Officers and Committee Members, together with the signatures of the Proposer and Seconder and the nominee’s signed acceptance of the nomination, shall be posted on the notice board at the ‘Cheltenham Weekend’ at least twenty-four hours before the Annual General Meeting.


12 Voting shall be by a show of hands or by ballot – as may be decided by the Chairman. The Chairman’s decision as to the result of such voting shall be final. 



The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held during the ‘Cheltenham Weekend’ to: 

receive reports from the Chairman and the Treasurer;

elect the Management Committee and the Auditor;

and carry out such other necessary business as the Chairman may permit.


14. A Special General Meeting of full members may be called by the Secretary either at the request of the Management Committee or following receipt of a written request, stating the reason there for, signed by not less than twelve full members.   Not less than four weeks written notice to all full members shall be given of such a meeting.   Only the business for which the meeting was called shall be discussed at such meeting.


15.  The Management Committee shall have the right to deal with any matter not covered by these Rules.


16. These Rules shall be altered or amended only by a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.


17. The accounts of the Club shall be made up to the 31 December annually and audited by the Auditor prior to presentation by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting.  Once audited and approved by the members at the AGM; the accounts will be circulated annually to the members. 


18. Current members’ subscriptions shall be due on the 1st January and must be paid by the end of April, so that a list of members can be given to the AGM in June. Members should be encouraged to pay via standing order to save money.


19. New members that join after the Northern rally may be offered membership to the end of the following year. i.e Once subscription payment has been received, they be given 4 free months in the current year, as there are no club functions in that period.        


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