I am a new member and  need the following parts/ advice on alternatives (there WILL be more once I have had a chance to strip the van down!)
1. A pair of 13" wheels (one to match the existing 13" wheel (with studs for hub caps) and one as a spare - my van came with one 14" and one 13" wheel!
2. Reference for the Waterbuck roof light rubber (presumably can be sourced via COH Baines in Kent.
3. Reference for the door rubber on a 1966 Waterbuck (glazed door)
4. Waterbuck badge
5. Source of 'oak' plywood (3mm or 4mm) for internal fitting out.
6. Roof light itself (the fibreglass is currently stained with brown patches) or advice on whether it can be rejuvinated in some way or simply painted white and still allow light into the van.
7. Door Lock
8. Suggestions for floor covering/insulation. My van has a good wooden plank floor but daylight or road surface can be seen through the cracks and in winter it might be a jot cold. (Would like to keep the 'look' of the boards inside, ideally).
9. A good source of chroming the handles OR a pair of new handles.
10. Solution for waterproofing the beading around the door glazing. Indeed one length is actually missing.
If I can get some answers to the above, we can at least start the renovation and get it to the point where we can use it for weekends before the end of summer. Please contact nick@wynne-morgan.net